Convincing benefits in favor of tryair


tryair dryers impress with sophisticated technology and brushless motors. Low power consumption reduces your expenses on sanitation utilities – by using tryair you save up to 95% (compared to other drying variants). An investment payback is usually given within one year.

Environmentally friendly

Up to 67% reduction of tryair‘s carbon footprint compared to other dryers. In addition, tryair annually saves several thousand liters of water used during the manufacturing process of disposable paper towels that can not be recycled.


The inbuilt HEPA-filter makes tryair drying flow 99.9% bacteria free. In addition, tryair operates without direct contact, a feature that raises tryair standard of hygiene. Inclusion of the antibacterial coated ABS case promotes additional hygiene.


tryair drying time is only 10 seconds, which explains its low power consumption. tryair is soundproof and therefore extremely quiet (68dB).

Easy to clean

The antibacterial coated ABS case of tryair can be easily cleaned. In addition, tryair enables environmentally friendly operation by reducing pollution due to contacless drying method.


Our designers placed much value on tryair‘s functional and at the same time modern design. tryair comes in different colors with a custom color option to match your requirements.


Tested on 1.5 million uses and including a 3-year full warranty, tryair offers significant advantages to the modern facility management. tryair‘s case is considered secure from vandalism and the in-built theft protection mechanism provides additional security.